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Things To Know About Alzheimer Tablets

Posted by Admin on March, 04, 2021

It can be very hard for you when you get to know that you have Alzheimer's disease. The news can be devastating. When you work with your health care team will help you to look for the best strategies using which you can manage your symptoms. One strategy that you can use is the Alzheimer's drugs or tablets. Ask your doctor if you are clinically eligible to take these tablets or not.

Role Of Alzheimer Tablets

There are two different drugs or tablets approved by the FDA or Food And Drug Administration. These are used to treat Alzheimer's disease symptoms.
• Memantine
• Cholinesterase inhibitors

These two drugs are:
Approved For Specific Stages Of Alzheimer: Based on the score of tests that assess awareness of place and time, memory, reasoning and thinking your disease is classified into three stages. They are mild, severe and moderate. The doctors may at times prescribe these tablets for the stages which are approved by the FDA. The stages of Alzheimer is not always the same in every individual and each may have a different response to the drugs. The treatment for Alzheimer is limited.
If your doctor to consultants prescribes you with medicines for your Alzheimer, make sure that you understand the risks and benefits of the tablets that you take.
• Approved For The Mild Cognitive Impairment: This is the condition in which the subtle changes in the thinking and memory takes place. The traditional stage can be in between the normal age-related memory changes and the disease. Numerous people have MCI and eventually start to develop Alzheimer's or another dementia.
The clinical trials testing shows whether the drugs can help in preventing MCI to the Alzheimer's have always shown no lasting advantage or benefit.

The Cholinesterase Inhibitors
One way Alzheimer's disease can be harmful is by decreasing the level of the chemical messenger. This is important for memory, alertness, judgment and thought. The Cholinesterase inhibitors help boost the amount of Acetylcholine which is available for the nerve cells and prevents it from a break down in the brain.

These inhibitors can not reverse the disease called Alzheimer or neither can stop the destruction of the nerve cells.
The common side effects that you may have by taking the tablets or drugs for Alzheimer is vomiting, nausea and diarrhoea. You should always start with a low dose and then eventually increase if the drug starts to work and helps reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer. To reduce the side effects of these drugs, you can take it with food.

When To Stop?
Your medicines and plans might change with time because Alzheimer is a progressive disease. Make sure that you visit the doctor regularly if you are taking medicines. Your doctor will decide how long you should be continuing with medicine. Tell your consultant or doctor if you face any kind of side effect.

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