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Things To Know About Champix Tablet

Posted by Admin on July, 01, 2021

Champix is a machine that contains an active substance called Varenicline. These are available in the form of tablets that can be consumed. These are generally used by the adults to help them stop or quit smoking completely. This medicine can be obtained only when you show a prescription.

How To Use?
Champix is for the people who are motivated to quit smoking forever and are also getting advice and support. You need to set a date on which you will be stopping smoking completely and you need to start having this medicine two or a week before the date. If you can not set a date then you should start taking this medicine and within one or two weeks you can set your date which can fall anyway within the five weeks of taking the medicine.
The treatment lasts for around 12 weeks. The Champix tablets need to swallow as a whole with water. In the first week, the patient is advised to take 0.5 mg tablet at least once a day, and for about three days the continues. Then it is changed to tablets of 0.5 mg twice a day. This lasts for four days. For the remaining weeks, the patients are told to take 1 mg tablet twice a day. The dose can be different for the patients who have a kidney problem and cannot tolerate this medicine.
For the patients who have left smoking successfully after the first 12-week treatment, the doctors may ask you to carry on the treatment for another 12 weeks if needed.

How does It work?
People who are a smoker they get addicted to the chemical called nicotine which is found in tobacco. This chemical then acts with their nervous system and binds to the receptor that triggers the realization of dopamine, a chemical messenger which helps you get the pleasure which you get from smoking.
Varenicline, the active substance in this medicine can bind some of these receptors. It acts in two different ways while it binds the receptors. First, it acts like the nicotine and helps in lowering down the craving symptoms, and second, it acts against the nicotine and takes its place which helps in reducing the pleasurable effects that you get after smoking.

Risks Associated To This Medicine
Every medicine has a side effect. The common side effect of this medicine is that you get insomnia, headache, abnormal dreams, and also inflammation in the throat and nose. Check the package leaflet to know all the restrictions and effects of Champix.

Why It Is Approved?
The CHMP has concludes that there are more benefits of Champix than risk which is why it is recommended that it can be given market authentication and authorisation.

What Measures One Should Take?
There are certain measures for all medicines which one should take to stay safe from the risks. There is a risk management plan which ensures that the medicine is used safely. The packaging leaflet has the summary and the safety information along with the characteristics of the product. There are appropriate precautions that one should follow suggested by the doctors.
The Champix tablet exporters will provide you with the medicine that is authentic and okay to use. But always consult a doctor before taking this medicine.

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